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Oak Creek Sporting Club’s nationally known sporting clay course is designed to replicate every conceivable shot encountered in the field from a covey rise to geese settling onto a lake, crossing woodcocks to the a flushing pheasant. With its immaculately groomed and natural landscape beautiful ponds and challenging stations, it is no wonder that Oak Creek’s sporting clay course is ranked in the Top 20 courses in North America. Oak Creek’s stations provide challenge and excitement to the most experienced shooters.

Designed to accommodate large crowds, vendor displays, and media crews, the course is equipped to host large charity shoots and major tournaments. Spectators and shooters alike will appreciate the seating areas, wide walkways and shaded rest areas. Oak Creek sporting clay course was designed by shooters for shooters and currently, there are 20
plus automated shooting stations and the course is changed regularly to ensure a constant
new challenge.


One of the most exciting shotgun games is without a doubt the 5-Stand. Oak Creek’s 5- Stand features six new Promatic target machines, which presents the following shots; outgoing, incoming, springing teal, left crossing and right crossing. This course is ran by a computer program and can be shot normally with groups up to five or can be set up with numerous games including; Knock-out and multiple shooter flurries.





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